Friday 27 July 2012

Colouring Black with Copics

Hi Everyone,

I have a quick tutorial on how to colour black using your copics.  I rarely use the colour black itself and if I did it would make the image look so dull and lifeless.  I usually colour from dark to light as when I first started I was warned that you can always add but taking it away is alot harder, but there is no right or wrong way, it is whichever you are more comfortable with.

I apologise for the pictures, we have been away enjoying the sun and extended our stay by an additional day so I literally got back last night and had to make this post so the quality isn't brilliant but it was very very hot in my craft room and the lighting wasn't brilliant.

The image is called "Glamour

First decide where your light source is coming from and for me this is mainly on the right with a little shadowing by her arm.  I have started with C7.

This is blended out with C5.

And then C3.

I like a sharp contrast so this is where I go back over but start with my darkest colour C9 and repeat the above process until you are happy.

And here is the finished result.


  1. This is really fab, I often get it wrong, I use promarkers tho and dont have enough greys. Xx

  2. your fab at painting. great colouring I use twin markers


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