Monday 16 January 2012

Simple Note Card Folder Set with New Silhouettes

Crafts and Me Stamps
Digital Silhouette Images
Hi there! This is Rose sharing a simple note card folder set that I made using the amazing digital silhouette fairy stamps that Crafts and Me Stamps has recently released.  They're beautiful images that can easily be resized to provide wonderful consistency within a card set that's perfect for gift giving!  What a fabulous way to share handwritten notes with magically enchanted cards.

To create your folder, cut a 12x12 sheet of heavy cardstock to 11 1/2" x 8 1/2" then with the long side of the paper horizontally, score a vertical line at 5 1/2" and 6".  Scored another line 2 1/2" above the bottom edge.  Make a mark with a pencil along the bottom edge of the cardstock 1/2" on each side of the vertical scored lines.  Line up the 1/2" mark with the outside intersection of the scored lines and draw a line.  Cut along the diagonal lines and remove the center too.  Here's how the outline of the folder looks now:

Score and Cut Folder Outline

Pencil mark 3" above the bottom scored line of the folder at 3/8" from each outside edge and each center score lines.  Punch a 3/16" hole over each of the pencil marks and set 1/4" large eyelets with the backs of the eyelets facing the inside of the folder.  Fold at the score lines to form the folder and crease each fold with a bone folder for a nice, crisp crease.  Add a 2" length of super strong 1/4" redline tape to the outside vertical edges of the flaps only.  (Do NOT adhere tops or diagonal edges of flaps.)  Here's how the folder looks now:

Add eyelets for threading ribbon

Adhere the folder flaps to the bottom outside edges.  Using a 30" length of 5/8" satin ribbon, begin to thread the ribbon through the eyelets.  First through the top of the right side of the front cover (ribbon shows inside folder), through the underside of the left side of the front cover (ribbon shows outside of the folder's binding edge), through the bottom of the left side of the back cover (ribbon shows inside folder) and finally through the top of the right side of the back cover.  There's enough ribbon to hold A2-sized cards and envelopes in place when they're inside of the folder and to tie a nice big bow on the outside of the folder's side.

Completed folder ready for decorating

Now your folder is ready to decorate!!!

I've used Fairy Friends to decorate the folder cover . . .

Fairy Friends

This card shows my use of Fairy Love . . .

Fairy Love

Here's a view of Fairy of the Holly . . .

Fairy of the Holly

This is Fayette Fairy . . .

Fayette Fairy

Here's a view of Nature Fairy . . .

Nature Fairy

This view shows a coordinated collection of note cards with the folder using the five gorgeous newly released magical silhouette images . . .

Crafts and Me Stamps Silhouette Images

This project comes together pretty quickly as there is no additional coloring medium needed for the images.  The printer does all the work! This note card folder set is alot of fun to make, it'll be a great handmade gift and it's handy to have a few cards ready when you need them yourself.

Here's wishing you a magical day!  We're so glad you stopped by for a visit!

~ Rose


  1. Teresa these are fantastic. I will have a go at doing one of them. They are fantastic to stock away pieces of cardstock from my cards. Thanks for sharing xxxx Claire

  2. Oh these cards are beautiful, thanks for the tutorial ! Love papers you used, it's soft, elegant, superb !

  3. Wow! You have really been busy. These are totally amazing! Fantastic job, hunni! Hugs...Mona


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