Monday 7 June 2010

Sharing my Allotment

Hello Peeps,
Another warm day great!
I have some exciting news to share with you all in a couple of weeks which I am sure you will love, so keep checking back to find out what is happening over at Crafts and me.
Today I thought I would share our allotment with you as I have been talking about it and I thought I would show you some pics of what I've been up too.
This is all new to us so it is trial and error.
Heres little o'l me standing by our runner bean posts and some potatos leaves in the pic.

Here is my hubby with cap on and his brother planning out the boxes, we have my brothers partner too so there's four of us doing this.

The boxes are nearly all made now just back braking digging to do.

And guess what I put my name down for another plot so the two families could hopefully be self sufficient for veg, wasn't expecting it to come up for months and oh no! it has come up early here it is right next door, and we have to start all over again. Wish us luck we need it but I do enjoy it and hopefully I'll get fit. I'm grateful for any tips. (not money)
Don't forget you still have time to enter our distressed challenge over at Crafts and me Challenges.

Luv Teresa x


  1. Haha Teresa lloks like hard work to me but great fun and what a great way to get fresh!!

    Sorry I have no tips for you either monetary or gardening as unfortunately I am the most un-greenfingered person around, I can even make a plastic plant wilt LOL!

    Sarah x

  2. wow hello there fellow allotementer this is very exciting indeed :) we have had our allotment for 2 year this month and we still love it to bits, ours was 7 foot of weeds when we took it on and now its beautiful, it was hard work but well worth it in the end :) and we love growing our own food, i hope you enjoy yours as much as we enjoy ours. We brought chickens the weekend before last, they now live at the bottom of the garden, so soon we will have our own eggs too, i feel like a little mini farmer hahahahaha

  3. Wow Teresa you have been busy, my hubby would love an alloment but there a bit scarce here, we have 4 raspberry plants,2 troughs with Strawberry plants in and 2 potatoe bags in our small garden so that,ll have to do.It,ll be fab when you are picking all the fruit and veg all fresh yummy!
    Trish (-:

  4. that's a great looking allotment and just think of the delicious fruit and veggies it's going to be growing! all you need now is sunshine and showers - we've had both today here in Cornwall!
    hugs, annie x

  5. You're busy ! This garden is beautiful ! Have fun !
    Hugs !

  6. Looks fab Teresa, think I would prefer to get one with the woodwork already done, lol. Hugs Tracy x


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