Monday, 3 December 2012

Make Your Own Dimensional Paper Asters!

Hi there! This is Rose sharing steps for creating your own handmade Asters.  Use scraps leftover from your cards and add gorgeous and unique handmade coordinating embellishments to support your images and sentiments.

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Here's what you'll need to start:
Computer Mouse Pad
Punch Bunch Paper Crafting Tools Kit (includes tweezers, embossing tips and more!)
Fine Tip Scissors
Medium Cosmos Punch
Medium Birch Leaf Punch
Mini Sun Punch
Clear-drying Wet Glue
Optional:  Diamond Stickles Glitter Glue

For your Aster, punch:
4 Medium Cosmos
3 Medium Birch Leaves
3 Mini Suns

Cut petals of all 4 Cosmos into thirds.

Cut rays of all 3 Suns in half.

Place Cosmos onto back of computer mouse pad and use large end of tool (5.5mm) to firmly push center of each flower into mouse pad while stirring to curl petals upward.

Insert 3mm size embossing ball into tool and tighten.  Place Suns onto back of computer mouse pad and use front end of tool (3mm) to firmly push center of each sun into mouse pad while stirring to curl rays upward.

Cut one sun through to its center.

Hold sun with tweezers on one side of cut line and place a tiny bit of wet glue on other side of cut line.  To cone this sun, guide sun between thumb and finger of free hand while slowly twirling tweezers away from the cut line to glued end and hold for a few seconds to secure edge.

Example of coned Mini Sun
Veins can be added to leaves by folding one side of each leaf over the tweezers tip.  Turn the leaf over and press embossing tip firmly onto leaf over hard surface to add additional thinner veins.

Small amounts of clear-drying wet glue can be added to pieces to begin layering.

Adhere flower base to leaves.  When layering flowers, offsetting the petals provides more fullness to your flowers.

Use minimal amounts of glue to layer your mini suns, offsetting rays, lastly adding your coned sun to the center.

Your completed handmade Aster will be ready to embellish your projects in just a few minutes when the glue has dried.  For a magical glow, paint a very thin and light layer of Diamond or Star Dust Stickles over each layer for glorious sparkle.

* * * * * * * * *

Here's wishing you a wonderful day!  We're so glad you stopped by to visit!

~ Rose

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  1. Great tutorial Teresa,I love making flowers.must give this a go .Thanks for the inspiration and sharing Jacqueline.S


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